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We provide our stakeholders with in-depth analyses of trends, such as digitalization, reconfiguration of supply chains, and the rapid growth of the e-commerce sector and its impact on logistics real estate. If you would like to learn more about the top locations in Europe or the trajectory for rents, please look at our latest research findings

 Automated Mobile Robots (AMR), Prologis International Park of Commerce, California

Innovation, Disruption and the Value of Time: The Next 10 Years in Logistics Real Estate

What’s next for logistics real estate?

That question has been central to our three-part series on supply chains, which launched in April. In this...

Unlocking supply chain report.

Unlocking Supply Chain Value

Supply chains are constantly evolving, changing companies’ real estate requirements. This is the second installment of a three-part series that delves...

Research Supply Chain April 2018

E-Commerce, the Service Imperative & Essential Location Strategies

For supply chains and their logistics real estate, the only constant is change. This paper is the first of a three-part series that will examine the...

2017 Logistics Rent Index

2017: A Year of Accelerated Rent Growth

The Prologis Logistics Rent Index, introduced in 2015, examines trends in net effective market rental growth in key logistics real estate markets in...

Prologis Research most desirable locations in europe

Customer Growth Strategies: Europe’s Most Desirable Logistics Locations

The European logistics market is changing rapidly. Supply chains are being restructured; economies are expanding; and e-commerce is accelerating. So...

Prologis Park Hamburg-Steinwerder

Trends Shaping New Location Selection in Europe

The European logistics market is changing rapidly: e-commerce is accelerating; supply chains are being restructured and economies are expanding. To...

Prologis Research strong rental growth continues

Strong Rental Growth Continues Amid Historically Low Vacancies

The Prologis Logistics Rent Index examines trends in net effective rents globally in 60 markets spanning the four major regions of the world. This...

Prologis Research global e-commerce impact

Global E-Commerce Impact on Logistics Real Estate

What Does the Impact Look Like?

The rise of e-commerce dominates retail headlines, but what is its impact on logistics real estate? Where are we in...

Prologis Research themes shaping new location selection

Themes Shaping New Location Selection in Europe

Logistics Real Estate Network Expansion

E-commerce is booming; logistics hot spots are shifting; and global supply chains are being restructured. So...

Prologis Research e-commerce, e-fulfill and job creation

European E-Commerce, E-Fulfilment and Job Creation

Themes Shaping New Location Selection in Europe
Prologis conducted an analysis of e-fulfillment leasing based on industry and proprietary data. Our key...