Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is the historic political, cultural and financial capital of Hungary. With a metropolitan area population of about 1.7 million, comprising 20 percent of the country’s population, Budapest is Hungary’s most densely populated metropolitan area.

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Prologis in Hungary

With a 25-percent market share, Prologis is the leading provider of industrial warehouses and distribution space in Hungary. Prologis owns and operates 39 facilities in seven parks in the greater Budapest area, on the border of Austria and Slovakia. The company holds 76 hectares of land for development in Hungary. Prologis enhances its excellent locations with strong management and attentive customer service.

Facts About Prologis Hungary

  • 464 Million Square Feet of Industrial Real Estate Space
  • 39 Buildings
  • 3428 Acres of Land
As of December 31, 2019 for assets the company owned or had investments in, on a wholly owned basis or through co-investment ventures, properties and development projects.

Featured Properties in Hungary

Prologis Park Budapest-Sziget DC6, Hungary

Budapest-Sziget DC6

Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary

This modern industrial warehouse has BREEAM “Good” accreditation and is on the southern boundary of Budapest, enabling efficient distribution to local...

Prologis Park Budapest Gyal DC3A, Hungary

Budapest-Gyal DC3A

Gyal, Hungary

This flexible 20,470 SQM warehouse in a modern industrial park is located 18 kilometers southeast of the city center, 17 kilometers west of Budapest...

Prologis Budapest-Harbor DC9, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest-Harbor DC9

Budapest, Hungary

This concrete-and-steel industrial warehouse is 300,119 square feet (27,882 square meters). The facility is equipped with an early suppression fast...