Prologis property managers meet a customer in the warehouse.

We maintain your building

At Prologis, we retain ownership of our buildings. That means we have a long-term interest in ensuring that the buildings are maintained to a high standard and that our customers are happy and able to run their operations efficiently.

It is of the highest priority for Prologis that our industrial real estate facilities are up to par with the current sustainability standards. Our property management team is involved in the planning process for each facility to ensure maximum efficiency for our customers.

Contact Property Managers

Marta Glinka

Tel.: + 48 22 218 36 10

[email protected]


Pavla Rysankova
Czech Republic & Slovakia

Tel.: +420 225 340 010 [email protected]
Szilvia Andrelli
Tel.: +36 30 237 7003 [email protected]