Clear LeaseTM — That's How it Works

Customers prefer a transparent leasing process with greater certainty. That’s how Clear Lease™ came to be. Those who use our facilities quickly and accurately understand how lease terms impact business operations.

They no longer lose time trying to audit annual expenses, letting them spend more time growing their businesses.

Find out more in our Clear Lease™ video.

Clear Lease_Benefits

How to Benefit From Clear Lease™

When you arrange a Clear Lease™ with us, there are many advantages:

  • reliable costs and planning certainty throughout the entire term of the lease
  • transparent fixed-charge calculation
  • annual indexation of the lease payments
  • a fixed service-charge fee, no subsequent service-charge reconciliation
  • reliable property management via our in-house property-management team


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VP, Head of Leasing & Development [email protected]