Vaclav Krasanovsky Vice President, Property Management, CEE

Prologis employee Vaclav Krasanovsky

Vaclav Krasanovsky is vice president property management Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. He has 98 assets under management, representing approximately 2.1 million square meters.

Krasanovsky is responsible for property management in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary and leads a team of nine real estate professionals. He is involved in the technical and commercial management of the portfolio and responsible for budgeting, negotiations, assessing maintenance contracts and aligning strategy with asset management.

Krasanovsky joined Prologis in February 2007 as a property manager. Prior to Prologis, he worked for King Sturge as senior property manager for the Czech Republic and for DHL in the Finance and Key Account department.

He graduated from a technical college in Prague, where he specialized in building technical equipment.