Václav Krasanovský Combines International Standards with Local Experiences

Vaclav Krasanovsky Prolgois

Václav Krasanovský Vice President, Property Management Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Prague, Czechia

Václav Krasanovský has been vice president of property management for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary since February 2018. A demanding but hugely rewarding position, Krasanovský is responsible for leading the local property management teams across these growing Central and Eastern European (CEE) markets, overseeing the implementation of operational standards and innovations.  
“It is important to ensure that Prologis is always in line with local legislation, that we are delivering contractual services and standards that meet Prologis’ extremely high levels of quality while preserving our portfolio values,” Krasanovský says.
Prologis is committed to the development and introduction of cutting-edge technologies that facilitate the everyday work of customers across Prologis parks in CEE. A crucial part of these technological improvements are successful rollouts, which involve close cooperation with customers to ensure smooth implementation.
More than anything else, Krasanovský believes the job is about building strong, durable and close relationships with all of Prologis’ stakeholders, from customers to the local authorities, neighbors and vendors.  
“Property management at Prologis goes far beyond making sure the lights are on and tenants are able to access facilities easily—it’s about our employees demonstrating their personal commitment to ensuring a better future, forming relationships with customers and investors that span decades, and investing time and effort into the well-being of their communities,” says Krasanovský. “We see that an increasing focus on employee satisfaction among companies we deal with is changing the way logistics facilities are being built, delivering a pleasant work environment with adequate and also non-standard amenities.”
Krasanovský points out that Prologis is uniquely positioned to achieve this because it is a global company committed to logistics real estate for the long term, while combining international standards with local experiences. “Prologis creates a great working environment for personal development in respect of empowerment for each individual. At the same time, the fact it is a global company always reaching for local experiences to enrich its culture, means it provides a great source of knowledge needed for personal development,” he says.