Nikola Fischerová: The future is in sustainable solutions


Junior Property Manager

Bratislava, Slovakia

Nikola Fischerová has held the position of junior property manager for Prologis in the Slovak Republic since March 2019. She is mainly in charge of ensuring the smooth running of all Prologis’ parks in the country and making herself available to customers to ensure that everything works according to their needs and wishes.

“Every single customer is different and has their specific needs. Just in Prologis Park Bratislava alone, the largest in our Central European portfolio, there are dozens of companies of different sizes, business practices, strategies and corporate cultures. My job is to make sure they all enjoy the best possible operating conditions – in their facilities and in the wider park – so they can concentrate fully on developing their business,” she explains.

Nikola has extensive experience in property management in Slovakia. She first began working as an assistant to Prologis’ Slovak property management team in December 2014, acquiring a deep appreciation of the local environment and the market. Her talent, enthusiasm and diligence earned her praise from colleagues and customers alike, which was one of the main reasons for her recent promotion to junior property manager. “I enjoy accepting challenges in my life and consider my new role as one of the most important of these,” she says.

Nikola regards sustainability as a key trend in the future of property management: “It is testament to Prologis’ forward-thinking and proactive culture that sustainability principles have become such an integral component of the company’s way of doing business that it is part of Prologis DNA. Many customers today share this vision and it is why so many choose Prologis as a business partner and stay with us for so long.”

Among the most important components of Prologis property managers’ responsibilities is to develop communities at the parks. In a quiet area of Park Bratislava there is a relaxation zone, which is popular for various social events. It includes a pitch for a five-a-side football, a crossfit zone a shelter with the option of seating and barbecue spot. “In 2018, after the great success of a similar event in Hungary, we held our first major football tournament on the Bratislava pitch. We spent great day together with customers and decided to introduce it into our calendar permanently! This year's edition saw 10 teams compete on our pitch. It is great to be able to share and implement ideas that work in other countries for the customers there to enjoy,” concludes Nikola.